New life

1304984412_img2I have given myself the gift of a whole new life. 10 days ago, on June 9, 2013 I smoked my last cigarette and have not lit another one since.

I am doing this cold turkey this time. I tried many, many times before to quit. I tried with the patch… didn’t work. I tried with Chantix… didn’t work.. I smoked the whole time and it gave me acid reflux, which stopped when I stopped the Chantix. I tried with the fake cigarettes.. didn’t work it just made me want a real one more.

Cold turkey seems to be the best way for me this time because I’m quit longer than I had been when I tried the other methods.

I’ve noticed that things smell and taste different now. Things that smelled or tasted good before either taste/smell even better or a whole lot worse now. I don’t understand how I could have liked these things before that now make me ill to smell/taste them.. lol

I don’t get out of breath quite like I used to and that’s a good thing.

I’ve been on depression meds for awhile now and I think they are helping me cope with the stress of not smoking. It’s not Wellbutrin that I’m taking so that’s not the reason I was able to quit so easily.

When I was growing up in the 50′s and 60′s smoking was glamorized. There were ads of handsome men and beautiful women smoking. TV shows had the actors smoking. It was made out to be like it wasn’t harmful to you at all.. but it really is.

I am taking better care of myself now and stopping smoking is just the 1st step.